Transsmart: Transparent and Optimized Shipping Processes

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Roger van Son, Managing Director, TranssmartRoger van Son, Managing Director
In an increasingly real-time economy, efficiency is crucial in logistics operations. As more companies and consumers order products online, sellers have had to become more flexible and reliable to deliver a large number of shipments on time. Transsmart ensures a better, faster, transparent, and advantageous logistical shipping process from order to delivery through its integrated shipping solutions. “Easily connect your webshop, ERP, and WMS to all your carriers,” explains Roger van Son, managing director of Transsmart. The company’s shipping solutions help sellers save time and money in their daily routine while also improving customer experience. Transsmart’s mission is to ensure that the end customer is as happy as possible from the moment they visit a webshop or contact a wholesaler until the delivery takes place.

As orders come from both national and international customers, shipping poses a challenge. A seller has to collaborate with several different carriers and service levels since each country has its own regulations. Transsmart’s solution works worldwide; it is integrated with over 55 ERP systems and more than 400 carriers shipping to and from more than 150 countries. The shipping software allows sellers to save time and money, and prevent errors by automating checkout, shipping, and label printing processes, while keeping the buyer up-to-date on the status of their deliveries. “You can work more efficiently, have more insights into your processes, and achieve a higher conversion rate along with happier customers,” states van Son.

Transsmart offers multiple solutions to optimise front-end and back-end processes.

For front-end operations, the SmartCheckout solution features tools for location selection, pick-up points, and automatic address check, while SmartShipping enhances back-end processes from order to shipment and returns. This includes book, print, consolidate, track and trace, and freight audit among other features to support backend activities. Transsmart’s team of logistics experts with thorough IT background are well aware of the problems clients face on a daily basis and are able to incorporate this knowledge into the software. “By actively working with our clients and enabling them to exchange knowledge and experiences, we develop continually as a community partner rather than being just a software supplier,” says van Son. Further, Transsmart has invested more than 10 years in building strong partnerships with ERP, WMS, and eCommerce systems providers. Supported by such collaborations, Transsmart’s solutions seamlessly integrate into a client’s existing systems.

Having solved shipping problems for various clients, van Son mentions one in particular. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has a webshop, which lists various museum souvenirs for sale. Since the museum is working with multiple carriers, and selling merchandise that had to be shipped not only in the Netherlands but to overseas as well, they needed a streamlined logistics process. The museum implemented Transsmart’s solution within its existing ERP system and was able to manage its logistic transportation process in a more efficient manner. Additionally, the solution also automatically sends emails containing tracking details for the museum’s customers to keep them up-to-date with the status of shipments.

Transsmart has evolved from a small Dutch company serving SME wholesalers and retailers to a major European player. In 2018, Transsmart Belgium was founded and multiple international e-fulfilment companies were contracted as clients. Transsmart intends to increase its solution offerings and international reach, focussing on expansion into the UK and DACH countries. “Our service portfolio will enlarge with more solutions to make the life of our clients even more easy and flexible throughout the whole supply chain,” states van Son. Staying true to their tagline and tenet, “Trassmart enables you to deliver your products and fulfil promises to your customers,” concludes van Son.