CON-LINQ: A 'fLex'ible Approach to Logistics

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Mark Kristensen, Director & Founder, CON-LINQMark Kristensen, Director & Founder
Who can argue with someone that says there are hundreds of ways to make money, especially in college. This story highlights the life of one such student, who ended up defining his career while working part-time, and permanently redefining the logistics ecosystem in the coming years. Soon after bagging a job in a freight forwarding company, young Mark Kristensen developed a freight-specific online calculator for the company’s clients utilizing his student-level IT skills. His strong understanding about the business and growing coding skills compelled the client to reach out to Kristensen again to optimize their quoting and procurement process through a leading-edge technology platform. While it was a mere request from the client, it also marked Kristensen’s entrepreneurial awakening that eventually led to the foundation of CON-LINQ. Based on his collected experience in freight forwarding and a single project at hand, Kristensen founded CON-LINQ with a singular focus to deliver freight management solutions that help the logistics companies streamline the processes of procuring rates, quoting customers, and collecting bookings.

CON-LINQ demystifies the business complexities of the freight forwarder industry. The company’s pioneering product—fLex—stands as an all-in-one solution to rate management software and freight booking for businesses of all sizes and geographies. Powered by seven unique modules, fLex delivers the promise of saving time, reducing errors, and enhancing corporate identity. “This enables freight forwarders to choose the modules specific to their business needs and core challenges, and use fLex in a way that fits the requirements of the organizations and the customers,” explains Mark Kristensen, Director and Founder, CON-LINQ. Hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud service, the fLex solution consists of procurement modules that sharpen freight forwarders’ competitive edge by providing fast and reliable rate search and comparison across various transportation modes including sea, air, road, and courier.

Every fLex module has been built to solve real problems of our customers

On top of that, Kristensen’s team of experts has built online calculation and booking platforms, which can be white-labeled for each individual freight order without having to do a special implementation for each freight forwarder.

CON-LINQ has beefed up fLex’s capabilities by adding a range of support modules for attendance management, statistics, and communication. “Every fLex module has been built to solve real problems of our customers,” adds Kristensen. For example, the communication module was built upon the request of an existing customer that required a platform to conduct internal, external, and third party communication on specific bookings without email intervention. In order to achieve that, CON-LINQ took a hybrid approach to club features of live chat and emails, effectively improving the overall transparency and facilitating business enablement. What’s more is that fLex allows freight forwarder to compare prices on different transport modes and customize data inputs depending on the type of business industry. CON-LINQ pays special attention to the security aspect of its solution and allows business to choose between on-prem, and Microsoft Azure hosted service. “As a part of the continuous integration process, both on-prem and cloud users receive OTA updates, which ensures quality as well as the flexibility demanded by the logistics industry,” says Kristensen.

Numerous companies have experienced fLex’s raw business transformational power, one being Scan Global Logistics (SGL), a Nordic-based global freight forwarding provider and one of CON-LINQ’s oldest clients. The company has leveraged CON-LINQ’s solutions to grow and attain an edge among its competitors. In addition, CON-LINQ has not only helped the client’s sales managers to reduce the time spent on generating quotes by half but also enabled the company’s customers to leverage an online price and transit time comparison of FCL, LCL, Air, Road and Courier prices. “Just like the sales managers, CON-LINQ will eventually bring efficiency and mitigate challenges across the entire logistics ecosystem as a strategic partner,” Kristensen concludes.