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Wiktor Wysocki, CEO, Comp-WinWiktor Wysocki, CEO
“Your order is due for delivery today.” What a wonderful phrase to read, which, in today’s world, appears mostly as notifications, or e-mail or SMS confirmations. Be it the delivery of a product or any other material, it brings satisfaction, assurance, relief, and anticipation, to the recipient, who may be consumers or any other significant mediatory involved in manufacturing or forwarding. However, in a global economy influenced by rapid digitalization and the subsequent surge in consumer demands, complexities associated with logistics supply chain continue to rise. Routing goods from source to destination through multimodal means of transport across varying geographies while complying to regulations and steering through demand variations is no easy task. Add to that, the clutter of managing and maintaining relationships with suppliers, 3PL providers, eager customers, and other dependants.

“We deal with the digitalization and automation of logistics processes through the implementation of the ‘OneClickLogistics’ concept that involves full multisystem integration across procurement, transport and production planning, automation of communication, and calculation,” says Wiktor Wysocki, CEO at Comp-Win. The company realizes its winning business notion through their flagship product, Optilo. By integrating various functional areas in the logistics supply chain seamlessly, the offering introduces transparency, cost reduction, and improved customer support. In a nutshell, Optilo is a collection of different modules ranging from the tender for the purchase of transport services, to the settlement of costs and complaint handling. The system can make decisions about the choice of the best type of transport, the way of packing, the arrangement of goods, lead time, carriers, and the price.

It enables efficient communication with all participants of the supply chain by connecting with ERP, WMS, and TMS systems.

To have Optilo best aligned with the specific requirements of their clients—irrespective of how simple or complex their logistics operations may be—Comp-Win builds and embeds what Wysocki calls the “tree of decisions” algorithms into the system. Comp-Win adopts a consultative approach in this regard wherein the company’s agents help clients by analyzing their previous shipment records, identifying areas of improvement, showing potential benefits, proposing changes and modification with process flows, and providing all-round assistance with adopting Optilo.

The success story of one of Comp-Win’s and 4PL IT Solution’s projects best exemplifies Optilo’s value proposition. Wysocki talks about Royal Philips, a world leader in specialist medical technologies, who was challenged with building their own internal 4PL process. After terminating the agreement with their previous provider, the entity had 12 months to streamline their logistics operations across 150 countries. In a matter of nine months, Comp-Win was able to integrate Optilo into Royal Philips’ worldwide logistics processes by fully integrating with carriers via TMS and SAP. In addition to achieving improved KPIs and noticeable savings on freight costs, the company was able to gain bird’s-eye visibility and transparency into all of their transport chains wherein the system sent prompt notifications to key personnel. Through automation, they were also able to reduce the number of staffs for handling the process.

In yet another instance, Comp-Win brought a common IT process for a client in the chemical industry who had multiple factories across Europe, by fully integrating Optilo with SAP. For the client, this resulted in improved transport planning through fully automated carrier selection, accelerated loading and unloading, and overall cost savings in administrative works.

The innovation labs at Comp-Win strive to power Optilo with cutting-edge capabilities that address the evolving needs of the logistics space. Predictive analysis and system learning technologies, proactive risk reduction, and machine-assisted decision making are amongst the novelties that Comp-Win will soon introduce into Optilo. The company is also en route to establishing a strong presence in the U.S.